Overriding Your Business Panic Button

The whole of the Year 2022 I’ve been thinking about a number of things (projects) but never actually attempted any due to the panic that I had on how the outcome of these projects would look like but then early this month I reviewed my annual plans and decided to try a few projects from last year. So I made a number of Strategic decisions to try and work on one bit of the project that I have been postponing for so long and  the results are amazing. Looking back shaved in the last month, I know a number of aspects for me thinking that I will not be able to do them.  I did realize that I had developed some Panic  to give an attempt  to a few projects that  I now see could be worked on and achieved within the set time frame, so allow me to share into your spaces some of the tips that are used to be able to achieve the side projects. I hope this will be able to help you override your panic button as we work towards progressing and achieving your set goals.

 The first thing I did right was to share my frustration and anxieties around certain projects that I was thinking I wanted to start with.  I looked for a confidant and we sat down over coffee to discuss the kind of thoughts I had on that particular Project. I shared my fears on why I was hesitant to proceed with the project and this good friend was able to guide me on how to even approach and plan for it.  So we say a problem shared is half solved,  I was able to be connected to people and information that gave me a chance to attempt the project itself. So the first advice I will give you is to find a trusted friend whom you can make them your confident, your confidants will help you  reverse the marquee process of idea creation. For my case I was able to come up with a vision plan  to allow me to put the projects visually so that I can and focus on them.

The second thing I did was to get moving,  even in my panic mode I knew that if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger and so I walked into new markets.  I have pitched to a number of businesses, some of them have said yes while others have said no and in the process,  I have learned a better way to communicate  from the feedback I’ve been given by those who said no.You know sometimes you get this great ideas and they are permanently stored within our minds because we believe that our ideas and thoughts are crazy and cannot transform into business.  I meet many young entrepreneurs,   who have great ideas but are still waiting for  major funding before they can make their ideas live.  So if you’re one of those please learn today that investors cannot invest in a non-starter, people want to put their money where they see progress. Personally I cannot invest in a business that even the founder half not invested in,   coz it shows that you as the founder do not believe in business  you are asking to be supported

Another thing about overriding the panic button as a business entrepreneur is to be real with yourself. The business will always required to make decisions,  and consumers will always want to write answer.  If you’re not real with yourself it means you will over promise your customers  and when it comes to the actual delivery, you will fail.  So my advice is that if you cannot be able to meet their needs please say no to the demands  and redirect them two other places that offer the services   or products they’ve been asking for. In my view, you will not lose the client,  but you will build the trust that you will sort them out with great referrals whenever you don’t have the product or service. 

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