Startups In Struggling Economies

Months before the elections politicians came up with economic blueprints which at the moment, these prints have now been abandoned as implementation is a task. So Sad! This to me is the same status quo that over the past 100 years continues to put you and I as African people at the recipients of all forces shaping the global business and economic state.

The Power of Being a Vulnerable Leader

Don’t resist the temptation to be vulnerable, let yourself go with it but be sure you deal with the outcome in the short run. Hope this helps you become a modern leader, gone are the days of  the so called stiff upper lip manager who have no emotion and can’t relate to those they work with.

Personal Finance (leveling up)

I recently have been spending a lot of time on personal financing and investments options. I have also had to make friends whose thoughts resonate with mine especially financially. One thing that has happened a lot is me finding myself cutting out dudes I considered die-hard friends since I see their demands and value for Read More…