Whispers of the Water’s Edge

In the shimmering depths where the sunbeams dance, 
A pool awaits, a liquid trance and a game of chance,
With each stroke, we find our grace, In this liquid realm, we embrace.
Under the moon's glow, we're free to soar, In this swimming pool, forevermore.
Whispers of the Water's Edge

Girls with laughter, their spirits high,
Underneath the azure sky, Fun Awaits though Shy,
The sips they make, with sneers to the old brands.
For some it's a reflection of the weeks so high and toxic
Whispers of the Water's Edge

Weekend whispers softly call, As shadows lengthen,
The evening falls. Beer in hand, the bubbles rise,
Laughter and Splashes echo, ripples spread,
Beneath the moon's soft, silver glow, In this oasis, time moves slow
Whispers of the Water's Edge

Beer in hand, a golden brew, Adds to the magic, as we imbue
The night with laughter, joy, and cheer, In this haven, where worries disappear.
Weekend's blessing, a sacred time, In this pool, our spirits climb.
Together we float, together we dream, In this aquatic realm, a seamless stream.
Whispers of the Water's Edge

The cares of the week fade away, In this aquatic haven, we play.
With every stroke, a story is told, In this aquatic world, we're bold.
Girls with laughter, like sirens sing, As we dive into the night's wing.
In the pool's embrace, we find release, From the world's chaos, we find peace.
Whispers of the Water's Edge

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