Millennial-Demarco Generation Gap

Recently I met my ex-girlfriend’s kids in a supermarket in town and I started telling them how once I auditioned to be their father. I first thought this would be ridiculous but then as things turned out, not as expected though, they were hoping that the situation would have remained and that their MOTHER would have fallen on me “literally speaking”. Our thoughts the millennial are kind of different from those I would call the “Demarco Generation”. Let me explain what I mean, the so called Demarco generation are those who matured in teenage-hood at a time when this so called Demarco was making Hits, you know, being characterized by yellow/blue shoes, skinny never touch my ankles kind of pants, oh the “ODI” dance kind of postures and then the hair do on their heads symbolizing the reality of entrusting an attache on core projects!

Ok, now that you’ve pictured their dress code, you can encourage me for not passing the auditions, for these kids would have been a handful to my kind. We talk and laugh heartily but this is just for some time before they are joined by their parents; their mother, my ex pushing a cart full of floor related products and their father; my former dormitory prefect with a smaller hand held basket with Keroche related Drinks. “Hi John!” she says giving her usual rural to urban migration smile.” how are you guys doing?” “You are not doing bad yourself,” I reply, “Oh as I can see Olympus has fallen” noticing the incoming after numerous nightfall escapades if you know what I mean. The problem with us the millennial is that we try to be respectful of our thoughts and in our speech that at times we loose discussion points, then we deviated from Olympus and went into life summaries and biographies, then review our youthful days with reference to the kids.

The millennial days are gone; those were the good days when a child belonged to the society. You could not address your parents while pocketing or chewing “Big G”. Funny hairstyles could earn u a serious beating both at home and school, your teachers were your parents and you couldn’t sit on a chair when someone older than you was standing. You could not call an adult old enough to be your parent by his/ her name, you were to say Baba Peter or Mama Petronilla. Democracy has destroyed our morality. Now the Demarco Generation, a very big deviation from ours. The gap being the Dot Coms, those we could handle, these other ones have read the children acts carefully, in fact they recite it on free will, they employ Google Maps to children Acts Dept if any intended correctional measures is perceived as mistreat. Where is our moral if some guy stands intimately next to my daughter in the name of selfies, not to talk of groundies; I understand that’s the in thing now for them but I also understand that it takes two in a horizontal direction to get to the parental way.
Am I hard on this Generation?
© Sabwa John Milton, 2018

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  1. He he he….This article made my day
    You are a creative guy John Ati………..”the hair do on their heads symbolizing the reality of entrusting an attache on core projects!” …………. this one killed me..
    I will be willing to read anything on slay queens/kings. Cannot wait to see how you put this topic in a more mature way

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