In life we all need someone who can really believe in us and in our dreams; a friend. Throughout my life, I have struggled to understand my friends better and after qualitative analysis, friends watch out! There are three types of friends I must say I have met:

These are friends in your life who will love you unconditionally, they are into you whenever you are up or down, right or wrong, if you get into trouble they do get into trouble with you. You cannot inherit the kingdom until you find your confidant because they can tell you that you are wrong when you are actually wrong. Without them you will never be who God wants you to be.

These are friends that are not into you, they are into what you are for. They will work with you, walk with you, labor with you but are never for you. They are for what you are for, if they meet someone else who is better at what you do with them, they will leave you and hook up with the other person because they were never for you in the first place.

These are friends who are not for you nor are they for what you are for, it is just that they are against what you are against, and they team up with you against a greater enemy but will only be with you until the victory is accomplished. They come into your life to fulfill a purpose.

It is better to leave the constituent and the comrade out of your inner circle because they don’t add value towards finding your destiny; they were never really with you in the first place. Be careful then who you tell your dreams because if you tell the CONSTITUENT they will desert you and try to fulfill your own dreams without you, remember they are not into you; they are into what you are for (your dreams). If you tell it to your comrades, they won’t support it because they never were for what you were for anyway.
If you find few people in your life who you can share your dreams with, you are a blessed somebody so let God to be the first party, CONFIDANT, for when two or three are gathered in his Name, He will be in the midst of them.
© Sabwa John Milton, 2018

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