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I recently arrived from Kisii County in a political style this Njaa-nuary with goodies, needless to say Bananas. This significant event makes my wife think am now a Private Developer. Anyway! As we say, an apple does not fall far from the tree…the twenty plus years of my life have proved that this isn’t the case as some fruits never even fall from the tree, these are those eaten before they are ripe…How do you know?…the problem is that you can’t, since public eateries are considered private nowadays and you have to wait till the hunger develops…ha! Tell me, how can you explain the societal behavior when a girl you’ve seen running around naked as a kid develops horizontally yet when you insist to seek reasons as to why, who or when?, she says “Pliz anko don’t interfere with ma private life, am old enough to make decisions” Waat! Who schooled this one! Oh not again, private schools… I hear people say that they were caught red handed in the act, how? Let’s say it was a private development gone public and the developer has been teargassed, someone informed her hubby.

Then there is this one who fell in love with his mistress’ friend on Facebook, this looks complicated, ooh sorry, private. Bony goes through Mary’s (his mistress) Facebook account and sees Jose (Mary’s hubby)….he then notices that Jose has one mutual female friend with Mary called Sandy. Mary opens up and tells him that Sandy is her hubby’s mistress… they laugh out loud as Bony sends a friend request to Sandy, who is a socialite wannabe but age does not resonate with her so for long she had decided to call herself Chiquitita Diva and shaniqua was her profile pic..…. Easy one accepts, so Bony and Sandy become friends..ha! Bony being “A Man” and Mwanaume ni scandal, decides to develop his story. So they flirt and talk about so many other stuff privately. Arrangements were made and they were to meet privately, at home. Bony told his wife that he was going for a boys’ hangout in town, the wife informed him that a friend had been divorced and she needed to comfort her for a while. They both left the house.
In town, Bony was the first to arrive at the motel, went to the booked room and waited, then came the knock on the door…..”Who’s dat?” he asked… “Diva Yoh”…when the door was opened!!……… (Ukiskia Kidero amekuitia Coffee, heee jiulize kwanza ni kofi gani hio, jiulize kama wewe ni developer au la! Hio meeting ni public ama private). This guy was encroaching on his own development but privately. Ha!

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