Success is in the process

I talk about this because lately I meet youth with dreams that elude the aspect of time. Most millenniums value success but do not want to get in the zone, we lack the zeal to go the extra mile. They have a mindset of getting a lot of cash and building an empire yet they spend less time thinking of how to get these resources. We then get to spread hate to those who stayed on the course and made it as we were waiting for that golden buzzer or the jackpot from betting companies. The little we get we spend on data bundles.

We all get 24 hours every day, it all depends with what each one of us choose to use the 24 hrs. for. For successful people they work time or address a particular need to a niche of client but to us millennials, we would rather spend too much time on our phones, just clicking, swiping and tapping just to get the blue ticks. If we could spend more hours on something worthy like researching on saving options for emergencies, future eventualities, our lives could upgrade. Most men get to be employed before they hit 30 but matters on wealth creation are usually realized after they turn 30 and for those from the boys clubs probably at 33. Personally my financial wealth creation journey stated when I was 30, still thinking that I wasted 3 years of my career “party after party”

In my quest to create wealth, there are a few learnings that as a teenager were not making sense but I can now confirm that this is right. I came to realize that the future is more important that the present. Future oriented people do not hesitate to make short term sacrifices especially if these sacrifices would mean a better gain in the coming years. My dad always told me to watch and invest a lot in my youth so that I live at peace at old age. In his own words “it makes no sense for you to be asking for lift from/to family events, either drive yourself or pay someone to take you there, its failure if your kins have to decide how your old bones would move from place to place. Make sacrifices now to enjoy in future. Deny yourselves the comfort of two brown bottles and buy an appreciating item that you can make at least 20% more from your investment.”

Appreciating the time value for money will help you realize that saving is anything that you set aside form your income. It doesn’t have to be a lot as long as you are consistent you will get there. We all need a soft landing if we lose our jobs or retire from formal employment, with no savings I have seen people struggle and die of frustrations. A lot of youth celebs leave off their income and once they crash from the limelight, they crush with their souls and dignity.

Consistency is key to success, Let’s take a look at relationships, a consistent pusher will eventually get a girlfriend, the everyday text, late night calls and nicely crafted messages eventually works for them and in no time a “yes” response! Keep doing what you do best more frequently, for example, if your goal is to accumulate wealth through investments, you have to keep investing certain amount of money every month or you’ll lose momentum.

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