Women, Wives and We Men

So funny how the world relates to this topic, so to speak of uncontrolled thoughts and how I would want you to relate to the same, if I end up hurting you…ops sorry… I was under the influence of water. For those who come in villages will probably not see any sense in what we are talking about….by village…..I mean an area in which you will find petticoats being sold at the Shopping Centre…now you scan your surrounding and confirm my sentiments …… eheheh…. I am not talking of girls, or prequalified women… let me explain if you see a woman, asking for cash from his parents to procure knickers regardless of age, that’s a girl. Now you know!

Pre Read

Last December as we celebrated one year in marriage, we planned a number of activities with her (my lovely wife). In our escapades we noticed that just like other people who were out to spoil themselves, “Women, Wives and We Men” had lots of fun, completely forgetting that harsh realities in January, mnnh… and on the eve of new year as this was climax of festivities, I must say we spotted lots of friends, enemies and neighbours having nights of thousands laughs. But unlike other nights, there were these ladies or should I call them women and if I were to tell by their surrounding wives…quite tricky… Hehe that said, one in particular was this small lady, gosh!! I like naming such characters, allow me to: “Turuphosa” names withheld, she is my neighbour’s sister. She kept shouting the night away beside this huge “obvious” man with his rural to urban migration smile giving me the perception that a mooing cow could lose its innocence at a ‘private clinic’ in a flash, if you get my sixth sense.

Imagine that firimbi moment you finding a woman in some club dancing with a man twice her height, size and probably age, clinging her hand around him, hands which cannot even meet at the back whenever they embrace. Have you imagined? Yes that’s what I am referring to, someone call the anti IEBC team, I plan to run demos…… “kwani huyu dem hawezi salimia watu, hajui sponsors hupass sometime” but then Turuphosa stops me before I even convened my team…..“Oh Sabwa wewe ni nini? That’s my sponsor! Daah! Brayo cannot afford to be this friendly…” Lol, then I excuse myself thinking “Emmanuel, why Brayo now? Or is there anything I might be missing…Ooh Emmanuel and Brayo were members of the same Sacco and their savings were in some Bank under receivership”. Now I get why she opted to try KCB occupants, very reliable.

Month later as I visit the hospital for some routine checks I see this same woman or wife with a private development gone public, this time round the private clinic Dokta or should I say private developer was teargased miles away…missing in action…the firimbi moment was a success and the woman who turned wife in a couple of hours and now wishing she was better a widow is alone on the hospital bench and I tell myself “finally she allowed a tadpole to whiplash across her Atlantic and zap one of her prized eggs into life.” Brave girl this was. But the world could at times be Wicked, We men do Wicked things to Women not our wives. …Woi

Lessons to the W-Generation

First give it six month before giving in to ways of adulthood, at least you will learm nore about this Man or the government will recognize this as marriage, never rush because someone you never knew created this so called clock biologically that ticks louder than your ego.

Pick his conversations carefully. You date a man over several months or even days/hours, he claims to luv you, calls you bae, “makes you smile not so” but then amidst his conversation he says “yule guy atakuoa ako na bahati sana”…his soul has probably left run bae run hehee…run like you’ve seen a teargas canister in the air.

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