Money and Lifestyle

Money supports the lifestyle we have but our lifestyle can never support the money we get. Let me start today by saying that money is not everything, money is the only thing.  You might wonder why I say this now while in other forums I say make just enough for you and family. Do not quote me wrong but in any sense life demands that we support it just like we would want us to be supported by something else.  Inflation hits us year on year and for a “shit-hole” country like Kenya, our lifestyle needs are ever changing, everything in this country is expensive, we ought to be wise.

The more I study money the more I realize that it’s a moving target! You will never get enough. Explain to me why someone with a stable income has invested in twenty plots in twenty counties and a steady cash flow has to run around grabbing land. The core reason here is to generate more. The society has taught us to value riches than wealth. As social analysts put it, “in ten years the same lifestyle will cost us more, probably four times than it costs us now!

To maintain a particular lifestyle you have to work, toil and get money, do something don’t just sit and expect sportpesa will get you there. At most times I have been telling off my fellow youth with the “deal” mindset.  Many youth opt for an easy way in life, we think of making deals and breaking even. To me a Deal doesn’t get you money, the process gets you! For others well to sustain a certain lifestyle they go through thick and thin to get that lifestyle, question is, is it sustainable? If you left your job now, can you sustain your lifestyle?

Life is a hustle, you got to get out of your comfort zone to get the life you want, inflation is part of the economic cycle, at some point the economy will be in recession. It will always be there and by the way inflation is not your employer’s problem, they are just as hit as you, let’s stop blaming our employers for not acknowledging the high cost of life.  Get someone to help you do meaningful income generating activities to support the lifestyle you need. Get a loan, have a relative give you capital and them hustle of your level to your lifestyle.

On borrowing though, let it not be too frequent, a frequent borrower would mean whatever support they are receiving isn’t put to the right use. I give generously but give with a caveat, there is a giving that empowers and that which creates dependency. The giving I see the deputy president do will never empower for instance. When people control you and you buy things because of other people beliefs in the product, you are dependent. I give and expect to be paid back; the terms are discussed before I give so that it puts the user of my support to task to repay back.

Have a happy lifestyle!

© Sabwa John Milton, 2018

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