Blow A Kiss

In a tender breeze of love's delight, Whispers carried on wings so light,
A symphony of hearts in flight,The sweetest touch of a blow of kisses bright.
Softly they dance, these kisses fair, Like dandelions adrift in the air,
Each one a wish, a heartfelt prayer, A token of affection they gladly share.

With each caress, a feeling true, A magic spell that love imbues,
From lips that part, emotions spew, In that sweet moment, forever they renew.
The universe pauses, time stands still, As love's tender whispers gently thrill,
A blow of kisses, a bond to instill, Two souls entwined, hearts fulfill.

So let them soar, those kisses free, In every direction, like birds in glee,
Across the mountains, over the sea,United in love's sweet jubilee.
Let them carry a message of affection, A symphony of hearts in perfect connection,
A testament to love's eternal resurrection, A bond that defies all worldly dissection.

Across the vast expanse of time, In every rhythm, in every rhyme,
Love's melody, forever prime,In the universe's eternal chime.
Let them find their way, those kisses divine,Through the darkest nights, they'll  shine,
Guiding hearts, like stars align, On this journey of love, forever enshrined.

And as the winds of fate may blow, Love's essence will continue to bestow,
Its beauty on the hearts that know, That love's pure magic will forever flow.
Each one a wish, a heartfelt prayer, A token of affection for them to follow,
A bond to instill as a prayer, not a ball for a player, many a kiss to blow.

With skillful hands and eyes that gleamed, A master of hearts, it seemed,
They moved through crowds, an alluring art, A symphony of charisma, they'd impart.
Their laughter wrapped around their soul, An enchanting spell, beyond control.
The game of hearts, a daring dance, A gamble taken, a wild chance.

But in this game of highs and lows, Where ecstasy and uncertainty flows,
I knew their heart was meant to roam,A fleeting moment, beyond compare.
For in their kiss, there comes a glimpse of truth, a moment  sweet and rare,
And for a fleeting chapter, not a home. A kiss with a player, beyond compare.

©JMS 2023

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