Beyond Financial Boundaries

So I wake up on Saturday morning and just want to get out of bed, but deep down I am tired. I know I need rest but then I think of my daughter’s medical bills and I am struck, I wanna make millions, I wanna have it all. After my shower, I get to the kitchen, Mama Jolene has made breakfast. Tea with some Mandazi’s. Jolene follows me to the kitchen, this one is an early bird so i think, but then she just wants water and Juice!.. I have no juice in my house, I currently can’t afford the luxury, so  I give her warm water! Not impressed at all she walks out of the house but leaves a magazine with me in the kitchen. So I pick it up and scan through and then I see this column on being a millionaire!

Everyone, just like me, would want to be millionaires but then as I learn from this piece, I understand that there has to be return on investments.  There has to be work put in. I call it “the 10,000 hours”. This made me look back into my life after graduation from college. I am not really a bright guy but I keep pushing and now looking back on my career, I feel I have done time to be where i am. JMS is a brand that people can align with because of doing time. I sample a few successful millionaires, and feel they moved into a little extra when doing time.. 1 more hour after everyone was done, 1 extra coin when investments were being done.My last manager once told me, you can be the hottest talent in town but if you can’t put time in it, then you will lose a lot, you cannot be cold and hot at the same time. I now understand why it’s been  easy for people to reach out to me when they need support or views.

The other thing I took  from the magazine was the need to come up with a routine. Mnhh.. Why routine? I ask myself but then the more I see my seniors who have been successful in their work life, I see the constant thing they do is on a routine plan. Young executives want to mirror their seniors but then young millionaires not only mirror but look at what the seniors did right, break it and build it. Some let their imaginations go crazy, they zig while the rest of us zag about stuff. I quickly learned that this money doesn’t disappear, it goes somewhere else, we then need to find it. The author goes ahead and pulls some examples of advertising, it has recently moved away from radio and TV stations to influencers. I then tell myself that I need to follow the money trail then but how!

Patience! I am reminded in the last paragraph of this article, I am reminded that Facebook took time before it figured out monetization and so Mark was building a bigger better audience. Mark himself now has proceeded to buy WhatsApp even when it has no  monetization capabilities and quickly introduced WhatsApp for business. Now he awaits we all get these accounts before he can finally strike, it’s called patience. Then there is Elon, the twitter guy from Tesla to Twitter.. But see the spaces in a decade to come, they will have grown tenfold. By this time my tea is cold, I have no microwave so I finish my drink in one gulp and after an exchange of pleasantries with the few people in my living room, I proceed to Work Coz without the hustle … Wueeeh!

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