JMS Guide to Achieving your goal in 3 steps.

For some time now, I have received several requests from my followers  to talk about how to achieve goals and this now forms my topic for the day. I will in a few words today share a few steps on how one can achieve their set goals. I will talk of five critical steps to do this based on what I have practiced over years of goal setting. I hope these steps will help you work on achieving the goals that might seem troublesome.

The first step is to have a desire to fulfill the goal you are setting. Without the desire to do this, then it’s pointless because you will give up halfway once you hit the obstacles. With this desire it is easy to find a starting point, access the current scenarios and move quickly to setting a series of milestones you would want to see achieved on your way to the overall goal. I call these critical paths towards goal achievement.

Secondly, understand what your end plan is, take time to visualize your goal, this helps you review it from time to time to check if you are on the right track to meeting it. Knowing what the outcome is to be makes you have a focus on how you can tell you are almost achieving the outcome intended. With visualization you wanna set a deadline as to when you want to achieve the particular goal. The visualization and deadlines hold you accountable to yourself.

Lastly, determine the skills you might need and the people you will need to help you get there. You cannot achieve the goals by working alone sometimes, it might require the help of others or a needed skill to pull some critical pieces together. These people would help you identify some obstacles on your way, based on their experiences in the journey. This will help you be better at getting 

Overall when working on goals, never give up since you goal is achievable

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